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NE 1157 Taisham 28 @ 17:00
What is Mirrors of the Wheel?


Come, step into our Mirror of the Wheel. Become what you dream of being; Noble, Gaidin or Student of the Gaidin,
Soldier, Child of the Light, Craftsman, Traveler, Healer, Tinker, Aiel, Wise One or Far Daries Mai. Nothing is beyond you.

Some of you will find you are or could become something more. You may find yourself channelling the One Power
and join the White Tower as a Novice, or become a Wilder. If you are male, beware, nothing good comes of this!
Sometimes, those of you bound to the Wheel can see things, odd things about people, if so you are
rare indead. Or you may find you have an affinity for Wolves, in some this is a faint feeling
but in others it defines and limits who you are.

The Great Game is alive and well in the westlands. Join in and affiliate yourself with a House of Andor,
Cairhien, or Lugard. If you are destined to become a Noble you will know and may find yourself the
leader of your own House, with lands and vassals to support you.

Soldiers are currently being recruited from Illian, Caemlyn, Cairhien and Tar Valon. Rumors say Arafel,
Kandor and Saldea will begin recruiting through the outposts of Chachin so be ready. Those of less then
honorable intentions...well there are always those that congregate and surely you will find a hovel.. Wisdoms
are needed in many villages still as well. If you find yourself enthralled with order and the Light, perhaps the Children
will take you into one of their outposts, currently found by Lugard and Cairhien.

In the threefoldland, Reyn and Taardad lead the way, with septs at Whispering Springs for Reyn
and Iron Mountain for Taardad. Women become Wise ones, Far Daries Mai, Craftsman or Merchant.
Males may join a Society, Far Aldazar Din, Shae'en M'taal, Seia Doon, Rahien Sorei, Sovin Nai,
Hama N'dore, Cor Darei, Aethan Dor, Sha'mad Conde, Tain Shari, Duadhe
Mahdi'in or become a Craftsman or Merchant.

Wander from Illian to Lugard to Tar Valon to Cairhein and many places between. Perhaps even a trip
to see the Aiel in the threefoldland is your choice. Beware our lands are large! Rumor says the
Tunnels of Doom will soon be explored enough for passage into the blight. For brave and heroic adventurers only!

For those wanting to play on the side of evil..well rumors abound aboud the Dark One making his mark
in the future.

If weaving your thread into our Mirror of the Wheel sounds interesting,

Join us at mirrorsmud.net port 2222

or use the connect via telnet or applet on the left

and Welcome. We hope you enjoy your stay with us.

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